At AJM, we know just how essential plumbing is to the smooth functioning and comfort of of any home. Every property today is fitted with a complex plumbing system that’s responsible for much more than just providing an uninterrupted supply of fresh, clean water. The plumbing system in your home allows for many of your daily comforts, like hot water, and central heating, while it is also necessary for proper drainage and waste removal.

So when anything goes wrong with any aspect of your plumbing, whether it’s a leaky valve, a broken tap or a major blockage, it is vital that you get a skilled plumber on site as soon as possible. All of our highly skilled team members have a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of every facet of modern plumbing systems, so we can complete your job as efficiently and effectively as possible and get your household back in working order.


Some of the things we can offer:

  • Drain Downs and Winterising property.
  • Supplying and fitting of Radiators.
  • Leak trace and repair
  • Outside Taps
  • Surestop Remove Stopcock Switch (turn off your mains water with the flick of a switch)
  • Gas Hob Installation
  • Gas Fire Disconnection, Servicing, Fitting
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
  • Motorised Valve Installation and Repair
  • Replacement Cold Water Storage Tanks
  • Cold Water Tank Cleaning
  • Replacement Hot Water Storage Tanks
  • Hot Water Tank Repairs
  • Unvented Cylinder Servicing
  • Blocked Pipework / Drains
  • Shower Pump Installation
  • Running of new Plumbing or Drainage Pipework


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